Holistic Practices : Not Just Symptoms

Alternative holistic approaches to health have been developed rather recently compared to more conventional health approaches. Holistic health is a philosophy and discipline that centers on the overall well being of a person.

According to an article published on the WebMd website, holistic health coaches believe that support and unconditional love is one of the most powerful healing agents that exist. They also believe that in the end, it is the individual who is responsible for their own health and well being. Anybody that is unhealthy in one way or another is often experiencing the result of bad behaviors and activity that have been detrimental to their physical and mental health.

Raven Zaal

Raven Zaal

Holistic health coaches believe that the body has innate, natural healing properties and powers that can be unlocked by proper body maintenance and well-being. Health Coaches focus on the whole person, not just the symptoms, a major distinction between that philosophy and that of modern Western medicine. Holistic coaches use a team-based approach that addresses every aspect of a person in order to promote better overall well-being.

The key distinction between conventional modern medicine and a holistic approach is that the latter focuses not on alleviating symptoms, but finding the root cause of a condition or chronic problem in order to address it. Holistic coaches wants people to have a better quality of life and live longer.

Raven Zaal is a professional holistic health coach who focuses on helping her patients, not fighting their diseases.




About ravenzaal

Raven Zaal has been working as a health coach using holistic approaches for quite some time now. Some of her strategies include using essential oils to boost general mood. This helps stimulate positivity throughout the body and puts people in a better overall health and a sound mind.
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