Raven Zaal – Different Ways Essential Oils are Extracted

Raven Zaal is a certified holistic health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is committed to educating, coaching and empowering women to help support their bodies to heal in a natural way using natural solutions and essential oils. Raven uses a specific brand of essential oils that she believes is the best in the market. Essential oils are extracted from plants using two main processes; steam distillation, and expression. However, a newer way of extracting essential oils called supercritical C02 extraction is fast becoming popular.

Steam Distillation

In this process, steam is directed through the material and vaporizes lighter chemicals in the plant material. The steam is condensed through a cooling process that generates two products; essential oils, and hydrosol, or hydrolat. The extracted essential oils contain oil-soluble molecules, and the hydrosol contains water-soluble molecules. Rose petals were distilled to extract essential oils and rose water.


The expression method is used to extract fruit based essential oils. The fruit peel is scraped or grated to release the oils. The volatile oils are found in the sacs in the fruit peel. The process requires great care and does not involve heating. Instead, it uses grating and scraping the fruit peel to extract the oil.

Supercritical C02 Extraction

Supercritical C02 extraction uses carbon dioxide as a solvent. The carbon dioxide is added and then eliminated to produce a high-quality extract that is very close to the composition of the raw material.

Raven Zaal offers health coaching for clients dealing with dieting, toxic relationships, stress and other problems.

Source: http://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/explore-healing-practices/aromatherapy


About ravenzaal

Raven Zaal has been working as a health coach using holistic approaches for quite some time now. Some of her strategies include using essential oils to boost general mood. This helps stimulate positivity throughout the body and puts people in a better overall health and a sound mind.
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