How to Use Rosemary: The Memory Herb

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Rosemary extracts or diluted rosemary oil was used for thousands of years as a salve to be applied externally on painful muscles and joints stiffened by rheumatism. Added to bath water, it provides  a relaxing soak that eased pain and stimulated blood flow.

The remarkable rosemary also has a long history for improving memory and wasused as a symbol of remembrance. In Europe, mourners would throw it into graves as a symbolic promise to remember their dead. Even Shakespeare knew of the value of rosemary: in the play Hamlet, Ophelia says, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.”

This ancient belief is more than folklore; studies indicate that the rosemary leaf contains dozens of different types of antioxidants and other compounds which affect the brain by preventing the breakdown of a chemical nerve transmitter called acetylcholine. This aids in long-term memory retention and may even be beneficial for those suffering from neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, the youthful herb is…

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Raven Zaal has been working as a health coach using holistic approaches for quite some time now. Some of her strategies include using essential oils to boost general mood. This helps stimulate positivity throughout the body and puts people in a better overall health and a sound mind.
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